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As you all already know, I am inspired by all things inspirational. I was able to interview one of such people and I am also very fortunate to call her a friend as well. Please meet Ms. Francisca Olopade, the brains behind “Livinginexpensively”.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I love to travel and see new places. I visit a new place every chance I get. I also don’t like paying full price for anything. I am steady looking for coupons and deals and I try to save money somehow on every transaction I make. I’m also a wife, a mother, a travel agent and an educator.

Francisca in Dever, CO
Francisca in Dever, CO

2) What 3 words would you most like people to use to describe you?

Transparent, loyal and spontaneous

3) Who inspires you and why?

Oneika Raymond of She has been to over 100 countries and continues to positively inspire black women to travel and see the world. Her blog is a wealth of information on travel and I absolutely love her new travel shows on the travel channel.

4) What motivated you to begin your blog “Livinginexpensively”?

I love to travel and I also don’t like paying full price on anything. I wanted to intertwine both ideas into one and the name “livinginexpensively” came to be. On the blog, I highlight my travels and that of other people and also give insight on how to save money in order to be able to travel more.

5) Can you tell us about the target population for your blog?

My target population is any person regardless of race and economic background who desires to travel personally or with children on a budget.

6) Is there anything you would like to share with the audience regarding following their dream/passion?

Following your dreams/passions is very important. Personally, it has given me the sense of purpose like I’m doing what I was created to do. It also makes me a happier person overall because I am not weighed down by any stressors because I am doing what I love to do. Lastly, my passion doesn’t feel like work, it comes easily to me so I wake up every day with great enthusiasm which leads to great productivity and that way, I add more value to the world.

Francisca in Miami, FL
Francisca in Miami, FL

7) What has been your greatest learning experience regarding being an entrepreneur?

Those you think will support you are not the ones that end up supporting you. Spread your wings, reach out to everyone, you never know where your blessing will come from.

8) What are your plans for the future (blogging, education, entrepreneurship, travel)?

I recently started a travel agency (Exploraytion travel & Tours) and I hope to start hosting tours and encouraging people to travel more in 2018. I also intend to blog more, add some merchandise to my website for sale and take more travel agent courses to increase my knowledge.

9) Which state/city has been your favorite to visit and why?

To date, New Orleans, Louisiana is my favorite city to visit. The food, the atmosphere spoke to me in a different way. Las Vegas Nevada is also a favorite city of mine…food in abundance, colorful, fun, always something to do. You can’t go wrong with these cities.

Francisca in New Orleans, LA
Francisca in her favorite city,  New Orleans, LA

Can you all see why I find her inspiring? Yes she is all of those things; loyal, transparent, and boy, does she love a great deal. This lady is always posting daily deals on her FB page and I can personally attest to saving tons of money from following her page. In the same token, if you are looking to travel on a budget, look no further … she will make it happen.

Here is how to connect with her on her social media.

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  1. Thank you so much for interviewing me on your blog. i admire your zeal and hard work, let’s meet at the top sis..much love always

    1. Thank you for believing in me enough to be my first interviewee. I am just glad that other people get the chance to see how awesome you are as an individual, entrepreneur and a mom. We are most certainly gonna meet up top. Love ya more and looking forward to more adventures and accomplishments. Xoxo.

  2. Great introduction, I wish you all the best with the travel agency, photos look wonderful, I wish they were bigger

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I am always looking for new travel bloggers to read and follow, because that is my specialty as well. Francisca seems like one awesome traveling mama!

  4. Great interview, I have to agree with Francisca that New Orleans is a pretty amazing place. Thank you for introducing me to her blog!

  5. Great interview. I love that spontaneous is one of the words to describe her. There’s nothing better than being free-spirited enough to just take a chance and go for it.

  6. thanks for sharing her interview, really liked her motivation to start the blog and her greatest learning experience.

  7. Great post! I love traveling too. I really respect people who choose to make traveling a priority in their life.

  8. Great to know her, I’m so happy that she is trying to motivate people to travel more in 2018, coz, I’m myself a travel freak!

  9. Always love to read stories of people who dare to follow their heart. The interview was indeed inspirational and the photographs are great too .

  10. I completely agree with #6! I’m going to make a bigger effort to stress less and do more of what makes me happy and is right for me.

  11. It is great to read that she is following her passion and inspiring others to travel. I wish Francisca all the very best for her travel agency.

  12. It’s very good when we share he success stories and experience of fellow bloggers and appreciate the hard work done by them … Congrates and all the best to Francisca

  13. I enjoyed her interview! Ms. Francisca Olopade sounds like a dynamic personality. Thanks for sharing her story with us. She is quite inspirational!

    1. Yayyyyy, I will be taking a trip there in a few weeks and I am so excited have you say that. Thanks for stopping by girl!

  14. Lovely to find out a bit more about Francisca and her blog. Living inexpensively is a great aim and certainly one I am up for. I’m off to check it out now. Mich x

  15. What a fun interview with. Francisca. Out of them all, my favorite thought was “Those you think will support you are not the ones that end up supporting you. Spread your wings, reach out to everyone, you never know where your blessing will come from” In my case, it couldn’t be truer. I’m constantly amazed by the kindness of strangers who have supported my blog, left a lovely comment, or simply said hi on social media. I keep thinking what a cool world it is that we get to live in where we’re able to connect with people around the world. x

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Ali. I could also relate with her response. She definitely paved the way for me because I am also learning now since I have been blogging actively that the people you expect to be there for you are not. However, I am amazed at the outpour of support from fellow bloggers and those I never expected to support me. It has been quite eyeopening and humbling in the same token.

      I also loved Francisca’s response to the questions regarding following one’s dreams.

      Thanks for stopping by. X

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