Upcoming Chicago Restaurant Week Jan 26th – Feb 8th 2018

Chicago Restaurant Week is coming up January 26th – February 8th with over 300 participating restaurants. You do not want to miss out. Details here: and make reservations here

How do you get a good deal out of restaurant week? I’ll tell you. Just watch and learn πŸ™‚

My Top 10 Recommendations (with ratings 1-5; affordability $-$$$)

1) Xoco – Nice twist on Mexican food $

2) BLVD – Cool vintage vibe with a southern twist (5)$$

3) Big Jones – One of my fav brunch places in the city (4) $

4) Safehouse – Great family spot with lots of mystery (3.5) $

5) Magiannos Little Italy – Great if you love Italian food (3.5) $$

6) Demera – My favorite Ethiopian restaurant and its affordable (5)$

7) Ruth’s Chris – A special restaurant for me with good food (4) $$$

8) Signature Room (perfect for special occasions; not cheap) (4) $$$

9) ZED451 – Love the variety of meats, cheeses and desserts (4.5)$$$

10) Michael Jordan’s Steak House – Perfect for an intimate/special occasion of two; not cheap (4) $$$

Restaurants I’d Like to Visit

1) Two

2) Gemini

3) Wildfire

4) RPM Italian

5) Yard House

6) Fogo De Chao

7) Revival Social Club

8) Shaw’s Crab House

9) Joe’s Seafood & Steak

10) Enso Sushi and Bar


  1. Sounds like an exciting time for restaurant week. I know I would love to attend, but wouldn’t be able to make it out to Chicago right now. I really do need to go visit Ruth’s Cris. We have a couple out here and I still haven’t been.

    1. You absolutely have to check out Ruth’s Chris. Its a bit pricy but totally worth it and I think Restaurant week is a great opportunity to try it out! Gibson’s is another restaurant comparable to Ruth’s Chris but just more expensive but they never participated in restaurant week… at least not that I know of.

  2. My husband is from Chicago and says restaurant week is really a cool way to be introduced to some new haunts or take advantage of discounts at those places you already love. He mentioned Demera as a favorite. My step mom’s parents were missionaries in Ethiopia for decades and she spent her first 16 years of her life there. So any time we have a chance to have ingrea or doro wat, we’re all over it. Out of them all, which are you looking forward to eating at the most? x

    1. Oh yeah, Demera is my absolute favorite Ethiopian restaurant as well and I most of my foodie friends as well as vegetarians love this place; the food is incredible, service is fantastic and it is very very affordable. I am actually shocked they are participating in restaurant week as it is already affordable.

      BLVD is actually the one place I am looking forward to eat at the most despite not liking to visit places I have already been to during restaurant week; but I might make an exception this time. It has such a great ambience, impeccable customer service and I had a lot of favorites I liked on their menu. Most importantly, I would like to visit with the hubby this time as he has never been. I’d recommend you and your hubby check it out if you are ever in Chicago; it just opened last year. Xoxo

  3. Man, this post made me really want to visit Chicago. Now going to research if London has a restaurant week. You are deffo the go to person for restaurant recommendations!

    1. Yes, you totally should check it out over there in London; you never know. Hahaha, you know you are always welcome to visit and when you do, I will take you to all my favorites restaurants.

  4. Restaurant weeks are always fun events. I think the best part is discovering new places and maybe rediscovering some old favorites you haven’t been to in a while.

  5. I’ve heard BLVD and Safehouse are amazing!! I love visiting Chicago. It will always be one of my favorite cities. The food their is incredible. I will definitely be checking some of these out on my next trip

    1. Yes and Yes. I typically don’t like going to restaurants I have already been to for restaurant week but I might make an exception for BLVD. Thanks for your comment!

  6. I love this! You should definitely try yard house,i had lunch there when i went to Miami and it was delicious. Now, i’m looking forward to restaurant week in Houston πŸ™‚

    1. Now I must try it out. What’s funny is there is one just walking distance from my job. Will be contacting you once I’m ready to go. Yes to Houston Restaurant Week πŸ™‚

  7. I love seeing other people’s restaurant recommendations. I’m such a foodie so I think restaurant week would be my very favourite week!

  8. Restaurant week sounds awesome! I would have such a good time visiting different ones. Thanks for your list of recommendations.

  9. I live in the UK but I will definitely keep this list in mind should I get an opportunity to visit Chicago some day.

  10. WOW, looks like we need to take a trip back to Chicago, we love Chicago! They have some awesome restaurants, some of the ones listed above I have yet to visit. I’m headed to Chicago for the auto show next month, I may need to check some of these out!

  11. I am a foodie all the way. This would be the perfect time to come and visit. I have been once before but it was certainly before I really started documenting my experiences. I am not sure if I can get off, but I can plan for next year.

  12. My momma was born in Chicago. I’ve always wanted to visit just to reminisce with her. I’d love to take her to a Mexican food restaurant like Xoco or even Michael Jordan’s Steak House to splurge on an expensive meal.

  13. This sounds amazing! I love food festivals, food weeks and trying new restaurants… it’s the best! Chicago is on my travel hit list… I’m English but moved to the US three years ago so I’m working my way through all the destinations I’ve been admiring from afar. I’ve met quite a few people from Chicago and they always talk about the food!

  14. This is such an amazing event! I’m not anywhere near this place but I have friends who do. You bet that I’m sharing this with them πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

  15. I don’t live in Chicago but the restaurant week sounds great! I am sure I will not be there during the restaurant week but I will save your rest in case I visit someday πŸ™‚

  16. I noticed you couldn’t put The Cheesecake Factory on here. That place had the LONGEST lines on any place my wife and I saw when we were in Chicago….never could understand why either…

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