Interviewing the Author of Marital Relationships

First Wednesday’s of the month is for interviewing individuals that inspire Msddah.

I am pleased to announce Mr. Toyosi Erogbogbo is one of such people. He is the author of “Marital Relationships’ a book that continues to impact myself & my family greatly. Gifted some friends this book and I am certain they can attest to that fact as well as I got some thank you cards, text messages and tweets in gratitude for being blessed by the read.

In this interview we discussed his book called “Marital Relationships” and he shared some insights on embracing singleness and how to engage in Godly relationships leading to happy marriages. He is currently working on his second book and I cannot wait to grab a copy. I am excited for you all to get to know this author who also happens to be my pastor, mentor and friend.

I am gonna share a little secret with you. If I were you, I would follow him on ALL his social media accounts as he posts about his upcoming counseling events that are usually free. Just don’t tell him I told you that. Xoxo


Amazon link to purchase book here, please buy an extra copy for a friend.

Visit his Blog for resources on marriage & relationships

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  1. I’ve never heard of the book but it sounds like there’s plenty of things to learn from it and the author as well. It’s nice that he also discussed being single. You cannot be happy in a relationship when you’re not happy as a single person.

  2. I think there is a beauty in accepting who you are as a single person which will make marriage so much better. Before you can accept another person into your life, you kind of have to accept yourself first.

  3. Great interview, With the ups and downs in Marital relationships , I guess we all need to read his book and indeed follow his counselling events. They would be great in saving relationships.

  4. That was such a nice interview. Marriage is definitely a journey that has an equal number of ups and downs for both the partners and both need to work to make this journey a beautiful and enjoyable one. Thanks for sharing this interview! 🙂

  5. Marriage is journey full of ups and downs. It is hard work but worth the effort in the end. Great information here.

  6. A nice relaxed interview – thankyou for sharing. I’ve never heard of the book either but maybe it should be making it onto my “To Read” pile?

  7. I like a good interview and this is a very complex subject. Marital relations can differ so widely dependant on the individuals involved x

  8. A very nice interview, I do agree it is important to embrace singleness. Marriage will work out better if you have love and have confidence in yourself!

  9. This is so interesting! I agree that it is important to embrace and enjoy the singleness, there is beauty in it. And if you will not love yourself, how could you love others?

  10. Some really interesting points especially about being happy with yourself. I cannot say I agree with all of the concepts but it has given me a lot of food for thought it was a great interview

  11. Sounds like this a book for all married couples! I’m in a relationship but trying to work on loving “myself” more because I know this will make the relationship even better!

  12. I agree with the author, our romantic relationships are not meant to fill in voids that we feel we have. We should love ourselves first before we enter into romantic relationship.

  13. You covered such important points which is utmost necessary about relationships. And it is meant for everyone regardless of gender. And I thank you to cover all these points.

  14. Such a great interview. I’ve never heard of the book but after reading through the comments I can see it’s something I need in my life!

  15. People these days doesn’t understand the value of being in a relationship. This book seems really interesting for married couples . Sharing it with my newly wed friends.

  16. It’s nice that you get to meet and interview people who inspire you. Lots of insights here. Will look into getting a copy of that book!

  17. What a great interview! I love the idea of embracing singleness. I think a healthy relationship will only ever happen if you can love yourselves first.

  18. Seems like a really awesome book to read for sure. In this era, people will rush through relationships without any solid and Godly foundations hence breakage of marriages that mostly affects children. Enlightening interview!

  19. This looks like a great book. I think I’ll go and check it out. I get married in a couple of months, so can see how this can be quite useful to me and my hubby. A great interview too! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Marriage is really sometimes very hard to manage. I’ve never heard of the book but it seems like I should buy it. Such a great interview ! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Beautiful interview. I think a lot of times we make marital relationships more complicated than they need to be. Can’t wait to pick up my copy.

  22. Thank you for this great interview! I’ve had the privilege of hearing Toyosi speak before, so I’m happy you were able to connect with him to share his insightful perspective with others.

    There were two parts that really stood out to me. First, understanding your identity in Christ and your purpose in life is key; having that understanding will make it easier to identify your helpmate, who will be well-suited to help you achieve your purpose. Second, it’s your character that keeps you married, plain and simple!

    Once again, thank you for sharing!

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