Friends vs Acquaintances

In 2015, I sent some friends and acquaintances this question -

“Friends vs Acquaintances. Who do you consider a friend or acquaintance and what are your expectations of them if you have any? Would really appreciate your feedback. Gracias”

I chose to anonymously post these responses with hopes that it will stir up conversations/ group discussions and help prioritize/put certain friendships and/or relationships into perspective if it hasn’t done so already.

Below are all of the responses I got back.

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Journey of a Trendsetter

On the journey of being a trendsetter, you may come across four
categories of people. The Validators, The Followers, The Watchers
and The Envious.

'The Validators' are people who are instrumental in attaining &
maximizing the trendsetter’s full potential. They most likely are trendsetters themselves or they appreciate it in others and are willing to encourage it in them. These are people the trendsetter will mostly associate with and/or tend to stalk them for lack of better words. Lol

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