Journey of a Trendsetter

On the journey of being a trendsetter, you may come across four
categories of people. The Validators, The Followers, The Watchers
and The Envious.

‘The Validators’ are people who are instrumental in attaining &
maximizing the trendsetter’s full potential. They most likely are trendsetters themselves or they appreciate it in others and are willing to encourage it in them. These are people the trendsetter will mostly associate with and/or tend to stalk them for lack of better words. Lol

‘The Followers’ actively admire and emulate certain if not all attributes of the trendsetter as they sometimes wish they had those qualities. In doing so, it validates/promotes those features in the trendsetter and keeps encouraging them. The trendsetter also loves being around such people as they see a reflection of themselves that
the follower has adopted or could potentially adopt.

‘The Watchers’ are those who passively partake in actions inspired by the trendsetter. They are typically uninspired, unexcited and not supportive of certain things the trendsetter does but they notice all. If the trendsetter pays close attention to such people, see them often, and/or hang around such people long enough, the watchers might pay them an unintentional comment. E.g “I always see your posts; they are very inspiring.” That’s how you know they are paying attention to what the trendsetter does.

‘The Envious’ try to bring down or belittle works of the trendsetter. They are typically inspired by the trendsetter but feel the need to degrade it and/or highlight a flaw. They will pay a compliment but add something they think you failed at. E.g “I always see your posts; they are very inspiring, I even told another friend that. But I think
you should always wear make-up in your videos. You look like you’re in mourning when you don’t ” A smart trendsetter will still pay attention to this feedback as there is always room for improvement. However, this might not be someone the trendsetter might elicit feedback from or choose associate with.

In summary, all these categories of people play important roles in a trendsetter’s development. However, the ability to discern and know how to extract the values of each category of people is very crucial.

~Inspired by my hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~


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    1. Lol Funmi, I have heard so much about Big Jones and absolutely have to check it out now after reading about your most recent experience about the restaurant. Will let you know how I like it.

  2. Interesting insight. I think surrounding yourself with people who encourage and inspire you, and help you to grow, is a good way forward!

  3. this is so positively define !!! being a trendsetter is so much responsibility to carry negativity around you

  4. This is quite an interesting way of categorizing the people. I also think that a single person can fall in different categories under different situations. Enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I see where you are coming from with this. There are all kinds of responses to what people do. And trying to analyze those responses and gauge the usefulness of them is the key to whether you become a successful trendsetter or not.

  6. I’ve never thought about it all in quite this way before. I’m definitely a validator in that I love to support other people and their work. At the same time I have to say I’m a follower as well, because there are definitely people I draw inspiration from. x

  7. Very true analysis and interesting (crucial I’d say) conclusion! For sure, this post doesn’t mean that humans are divided in 4 categories, but that those who follow trendsetters are mostly like that and… it’s true. unpleasant sometimes, but true.

  8. Hahaha! I laughed out loud reading this. The blogging world is full of these categories and some don’t even know it. The last category is full of pitiful people who don’t understand the power of letting everyone shine. But, you know the saying… one man’s meat is another man’s poison. 😉

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this read. Yes indeed to “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  9. a true in-depth post on the life and journeys of a trendsetter. this was just so perfect to read, knowing fully well the life it takes through to live such.

  10. I switch between a validator and a follower depending upon my confidence level at a certain point of time 😛 This is such a relatable post. I could almost see faces pop in my head as I read about the different types 🙂

    1. Yes, I also switch from a validator to a follower when I need encouragement but I am still very careful of the counsel I seek/listen to and thats ok. Yes, I smile each time I get feedback from people like you that can relate. Thanks for you feedback 🙂

  11. Loved this post. It’s so true. I’ve come across a few of the envious ones lately very frustrating and somewhat demoralising. .

    1. Absolutely, but never let them get to you. The way I see it is, the envious are already beneath you. Whatever you do, never seek out a watchers & envious persons’ counsel. If they give it as an unsolicited opinion, take it with a grain of salt. Hold on to what applies to you and ignore what doesn’t. I would just continue to aspire to seek out fellow validators and supportive followers that can potentially become a validator. Xoxo

  12. The envious are the worse of their kind for sure! And this days with so much social media exposure that’s all you see, unfortunately!

  13. You are right that all these four categories of people play an important roles in a trendsetter’s development. It was a thought provoking read.

  14. This is such an interesting post. I’m not sure which category I would fall in to though. My social media newsfeed is full of trendsetter wannabes however in reality they’re usually followers

  15. That’s a great pst, I never knew so many people in the lives of trendsetters, just knew about Admirers, lol. So validators seems to have a great role in making trendsetters reach their potential.

  16. this is really interesting, i had no idea that so much went in to trendsetting…I’m not a huge follower of trends though I occasionally see things i like but its rare. Such a fascinating read though.

  17. It’s really interesting!!This is such a great way of categorizing the people. I would say I am a mixture of the validator and the follower. Enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Ha..ha.. I enjoyed reading this post and being a Fashion Blogger, could relate to it as well. I don’t know where I belong though. I think I am the Validator without money which turns me into a follower! LOL!

  19. I agree with the Envious’ observation! I think that is the general description regardless of industry/ social aspect.

  20. On of the beauties of aging is that you don’t care about ‘trends’ of others, but develop automatically your own style – of fashion, of career, of life. I couldn’t even tell you what the recent trend is – and I by no means do live under a rock. I’m just to busy creating and following my own trends.

  21. OMG, I never thought about that list of categories, I live in a small community village and I often get people telling me I saw you here and there on Instagram, from people I barely know or left no comment on my social, and you just gave a name for that kind of relation.

    1. Hahahahahaha, I really appreciate this feedback. I am also glad someone else can relate with this and has experienced it. Your comment certainly made my day. Thank YOU!

  22. This is a really interesting concept. I think there are also ‘Supporters’, like followers, but they help to lift you up and actively back you.

  23. Ooh I love this and I think you are so right! I fall into a bit of everything! I’m definitely more of a validator these days than a follower though, I feel like Im getting too old to follow the trends!

  24. I agree with all your points. These four categories are present in any walk of life be it school or work or even business. And it’s not that everyone starts out as the envious category, they try to be followers but when they dont get the same attention as the first ones, they turn to being envious.

    1. I agree, these categories can be found in all works of life. I must say, it was the different categories of friend I have that inspired this writeup 🙂

      Hmmm, I completely agree with everyone starting out as envious hence why they turn out being envious. I honestly never thought of that. Thanks for that amazing insight/contribution.

  25. I think i’m a validator/watcher haha. This post was rather interesting, it is important to discern and know how to extract value from each of these categories. It certainly is a journey,

  26. This is so interesting! I would say that I am a validator. It’s interesting to identify these characteristics in others!

  27. I am so thankful for all of the trend setters out there. And I love all of those boots in that trend setting photo. They were on fire. Following all of the trendsetting bloggers has made me up my wardrobe game. I guess you can say I am a follower or validater. I am not afraid of being inspired by a trendsetter before the masses have. Once it’s gone viral, I am ready for the next new trend. I love to add trendy influences to classic pieces. But I would have to say Classics are my staple.

  28. Very interesting article. I’m totally a validator 🙂 While I don’t really follow clothing trends, interior design trends are super important to me.

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